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One of the country\’s most senior doctors has warned that obesity will overtake alcohol as the main cause of liver cirrhosis in the \”not too distant future\”.

Professor Christopher Hawkey\’s comments come as a new poll shows that more than five out of six people are unaware the disease is linked to excess weight. \”Obesity is the biggest health problem we face this century,\” said Hawkey, president of the British Society of Gastroenterology.

Put this alongside the reports that cirrhosis is rising and thus alcohol must be made more expensive.

What if it\’s not the booze but the pokiness that\’s causing the cirrhosis? Where does that leave the insistence that alcohol must rise in price?

5 thoughts on “Now this is interesting”

  1. Could we have a “National No Crisis Day”? When Doctors, scientists and the media just shut up for a day and not announce the next looming crisis.

  2. “Where does that leave the insistence that alcohol must rise in price?”

    You don’t think the fakecharities and NuPuritans are going to give up, do you? I mean, it’s not like the collapse of the ‘the Earth is melting!’ ‘evidence’ has shut up the watermelons…

    I do like Kit’s idea of a ‘No Crisis Day’.

  3. And what if a major contributor to fatness is wrong-headed diet avice doled out by medics and governments for decades?

  4. P.S what sort of evidence proves that obesity is a “cause” of cirrhosis? I ask because medics usually fudge arguments like this by witterring about “risk factors”, which merely means “positive correlates”.

  5. I know that obesity is bad for your health because I’ve been told so ad nausiam. However, the paradoxical thing is that fat people generally live longer happier lives, and indeed have better outcomes from medical inteventions than thin people.
    Myself I’d rather be unhealthy if it means living a longer happier life.
    See Sandy.

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