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Oooooh, lovely!

Can\’t you just feel the incomes policy coming?

But there is growing support to restrict bumper pay in financial services. A hearing in Brussels this week was told by one witness that \”in the same way that remuneration and fees structures caused the risks within the banks\”, the high levels of pay within hedge funds and private equity also posed a threat.

What a nice back door that is.

Anyone want to try a watertight legal definition of \”private equity\”? One that captures people like John Moulson at Apax Partners, but doesn\’t capture me investing my money in a private company which I also manage?


2 thoughts on “Oooooh, lovely!”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    I don’t believe such a thing is possible, which is why I won’t be investing any money in the European Fucking Union in the foreseeable.

  2. My friend Ethel owns a chip shop. She bought it as a going concern about 12 years ago. So that’s private equity right?

    I make more money than Eth, I’m a staff employee in an engineering business. (Mind you, I do spend a fair whack of my ill-gotten gains round at Ethel’s chippy).

    So she’s an evil capitalist and I’m not?

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