Phillip Blond

Despite any number of Competition Commission enquiries in recent years Blond thinks the supermarkets are a near monopoly and should thus be broken up. Plus, this little idea:

Mr Blond also said that local communities should be given the ability \”to veto new supermarkets.”

They of course already have that ability. Don\’t shop in it.

That people do shop in them shows that they want them, whatever the vocal minority might say.

But then again, this sounds exactly right to me:

One frontbencher said: “I’ve no idea what he thinks and I could care less. He’ll be gone in three months and someone else will be in fashion.”

3 thoughts on “Phillip Blond”

  1. It doesn’t sound exactly right to me –

    “I could care less” should be “I couldn’t care less” unless you’re using illogical americanisms…

  2. At least one local authority – my own – recently gave residents the chance to veto an application by Tesco to build a store in the town, while simulaneously falling over backwards to persuade another store (Debenham’s) to open one. The Tesco application was, of course, denied because the petition (signed by, among others, every single trader in the town market – guess why) showed that “the town” was against it.

  3. Genette:

    You’re right. The usage (along with another, similar==”irregardless”) seems to have originated as military slang, perhaps by drill sergeants. At least the latter is now considered acceptable “English” in the U.S.

    Of course, the same type of seeming illogicality can arise more or less “organically,” as in the case of “flammable” and “inflammable.” And, truly, these idiosyncracies are part of what makes the language interesting and appealing .

    Question: How do you get down from an elephant?

    Answer: You don’t. You get down from a duck!

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