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On a proposal to stop Italians having a decent lunch:

Carlo Podda, of the Italian General Confederation of Labour, said: \”What next? Should we abolish the boring ritual of sleep?\”

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  1. It gets better than that even.

    In Germany the new divorce laws do the following:

    You divorce and remarry, and so your earnings are split into 3 parts — one for the ex, one for the current squeeze, and, one part for you.

    However, if your new wife does the traditional refusenik thing and decides to stay at home with the kids and bring them up personally rather than warehousing in a nursery, the 3rd she gets is reduced by what she’d earn if she went to work (…) and the original wife is given that portion.

    Now I personally welcome this as I think that divorce should be illegal anyway, so poisoning divorce thus is not a bad result here… but in the end, the attitudes that bring this constellation about are not OK at all, they smack of turning citizens into serfs whose traditional way of life is viewed as tax-avoidance by our quasi-marxist overlords.

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