Richard Murphy bans me from his blog

For a comment to be published I must be satisfied that:

1. It is legal;

2. It is polite;

3. It includes an argument that adds value to readers;

4. It appears factually accurate;

5. That the commentator is genuine;

6. It is not promoting an opinion usually associated with the far right political fringes (for these purposes the UK Independence Party and beyond within the UK domestic environment);

7. It is not posted by a person I consider to be usually associated with the far right of the political spectrum.

That\’s his revised blog comment policy.

It is of course his blog, his property, and he can do as he wishes with it.

But it is indicative of a certain mindset, isn\’t it?

27 thoughts on “Richard Murphy bans me from his blog”

  1. Oh no, please do still comment on his absurd nonesense.

    In fact, can we start a donation fund to raise money for a cast bronze of this particular “Dick” – the fourth plinth would be an ideal location for the pigeons of the word to cast their opinion on him too.

  2. You evil right-wing Libertarian oppressors are spoiling the internets for all the decent, lovely poor-cuddling Lefties.

    Keep it up.

  3. Murphy e-mailed me to tell me he was doing this. It seems to have been in response to me making comments on two of his posts, one where I argued against outlawing consumer co-operatives, the other where I highlighted the benefits that could be achieved by increasing Council Tax.

    As I commented on my blog, he seems to get more annoyed by people refusing to fit into his lazy stereotypes than anything else.

    Most bizarrely, in his e-mail to me, he stated:

    “I have changed my comments policy

    This is to ensure that the political mainstream – in which I belong if you define it as being all of our mainstream political parties, many of whom (bar the right of the Tories) welcome my work – can enjoy comment free of harassment from the far right – to which you very clearly do belong – and to which harassment the very weird form of liberalism to which you belong seems to be dedicated ”

    So, in Murphy’s world, liberalism is an ideology of the far right!

    The man is beyond parody.

  4. Now you’ve stopped going on about this can you tell us how much UKIP canidates knew about the party’s offer to the Conservatives disband itself, and whether as a candidate you agreed with it?

    Tim adds: The story appears to have got a little garbled in the telling here. The offer wasn’t to disband, it was not to stand in the GE: if Cameron pledged a no nonsense, no caveat, referendum.

    Yes, I knew about it and I was quite happy about it. In fact, I even ghosted an article for Nigel Farage making the offer although I cannot remember where it was published. But I can find a mention of the offer:

    Beating Labour and getting a fifth of the vote or more would be an earthquake in historical political terms. I shall stand up the next morning and say, ‘Right, we’re going to fight 550 seats at the next general election. We may not win any under first-past-the-post but we shall do an enormous amount of damage, especially to the Conservatives in the shires.’ The Conservatives are going to have to deal with it.”

    Then he adds with a conspiratorial smile: “But we’re reasonable people and if the Conservative party or Labour, or both, were to promise that within a year of winning a general election they would give the British people a free and fair referendum on an opt-out from European political union, I would have no hesitation in saying that UKIP should not contest that election.

    “We should put the national interest and the opportunity for people to have a vote on this above our own selfish party interest. I think David Cameron wants the keys to Number 10 more than anything else. If the European question or UKIP was something that might get in the way of him doing that, I think he would do a deal. I think it’s possible.”

    So it’s hardly the secret that everyone’s making it out to be. The Express isn’t exactly a small circulation paper and that was published on May 31.

  5. Thanks – that’s what Farage says, but Pearson says ‘disband’. Do you think he went further than he’d agreed with Farage and told yourself and other workers? Or was he misquoted?

    Tim adds: I think it’s more likely that Pearson mis spoke. Not in the original offer, but in the reporting over the last couple of days. One of the interesting things about Malcolm Pearson is that he doesn’t filter and calibrate his utterances in quite the same way that other politicians do. He’s entirely capable of saying something like “Give us the referendum and we’ll go off and have a picnic with the teddy bears while you have the election to yourselves” (note, not that I’ve ever heard him say that of course).

    In Pearson-speak “stand down” and “disband” might be used interchangeably….in spoken language, of course. On paper he’s as accurate as you would expect a successful businessman to be.

    It’s going to be interesting seeing some people trying to parse some of the things he’ll undoubtedly say over time.

  6. Murphy putting a complete lockdown on dissent for his blog can only mean one thing:

    He is getting ready to post his oft, oft, oft promised (yet, oddly never delivered) defense of “the Missing Billions”.

    With dissent banished, he now has an open field to express his own particular brand of psuedo-authoritarianism.

  7. I have given up on trying to comment on most statist blogs. All you get is vulgar abuse, however polite you may be personally. I can understand differences of opinion, but I cannot understand why some are satisfied to close a debate simply by naming the opposing view “Tory”, “Far Right,” “Liberal” or whatever. It seems to me that such people must move in very restricted and rather tribal social circles.

  8. Frankly I#’m surprised it took so long. For one who claims to relish debate, he really does not like opposing viewpoints however well-argued or supported by facts. His views, of course, are almost always totally counter-factual and could opnly exist in his fantasy universe.

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  10. To birds perched way out on the far left, everyone else appears to be on the far right.

    Oh, well.

    And I’d add Murphy’s attitude is at one with the global warming cabal. What could possibly go wrong?

  11. I would just like to note that there have been five new threads started since he announced the policy change, not a single comment has been made.

    How’s that working out for ya, Richie?

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  13. So he wants mainstream – but bans “far right” commentary (as defined by him) and not far left? Obviously he’s an advocate of the theory that the centre is wherever he is standing…

    What interests me is that by introducing this rule, isn’t he tacitly admitting that he didn’t feel able to block your comments on any of the other rules? So therefore he is agreeing that your comments were legal, polite, added value to the debate, factually accurate, and posted by a genuine commentator.

    Game, set, and match – time to claim victory Tim.

  14. I don’t get it. Blogs and similar vehicles serve many purposes; such as to amuse, inform, whatever. Dickie’s can only be categorised as a vehicle to bring lesser mortals around to his way of thinking. So to exclude anyone who takes a view which differs to Dickie’s removes the opportunity for him to exercise his brilliance in entering into debate, and proving he is right in bringing people around to his world view. That leaves the purpose of his blog, and indeed the man himself, to be what ? Nothing more than a vanity exercise by which he writes something and people that agree with him are allowed to congratulate him on being right.

  15. I hear there is going to be a vacancy at the very top of the CRU which Richard would be a shoe-in for ….

    Informed Debate R Us – NOT !

    Alan Douglas

  16. My post awaiting moderation over there :

    Mr Totalitarian Murphy – please ban me pre-emptively, just to be sure.

    “no evidence that anything I will say will change their minds” – that is very much you the kettle calling us pots a darker shade of white.

    Alan Douglas

  17. I am banned from Liberal Conspiracy but I am also banned from John B`s Blog for no better reason than being insufficiently obsequious . As you say it is indicative of a certain mind set
    That’s why it annoys me to see the spotty little Nazi gallivanting around as if he was fit to breath the lords good clean air .


    “Bullying by ‘bloggertarians’ against socialists is a growing problem, groups say

    Inciting hatred against people of a leftist persuasion is to be outlawed under government plans outlined in the Queen’s Speech.”

    “At the moment people don’t take it as seriously as other forms of hate crime. Research suggests that you are four times more likely to be a victim of blogosphere satire if you are a socialist.”

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