Ritchieism of the day

Sorry – but until we get rid of consumerism this just won’t happen

When Cameron calls for a serious tax on advertising, the end of tax relief on advertising and restrictions on the power of the media to limit such absurd publications as the FT’s How to Spend It you’re just living in cloud cuckoo land.

Now he wants to end free speech as well?

6 thoughts on “Ritchieism of the day”

  1. Look, he “thinks” extortion is more moral than mutual exchange. That puts him in the “not just stupid but evil” category.

    We laugh at them, but these evil people have a habit of inflicting their views on others.

  2. Blimey a ban on advertising , thats really going back in time . The Madeleine pest was talking about how we are all the haplesss dupes of Shake and Vac yesterday , loon she be sez I.Frank Field many years ago after having been defenestrated by Brown and the left wrote thoughtfully about welfare in an age of citizens accustomed to choice , he was ignored by New Labour of course , they still want us to have ration cartds reqlly which annoys me .I am supposed to be the one in love with the 1950s they are on my patch

    Anyway must stop all this because a strange compulsion is forcing to buy trendy trainers and novelty kitchen implements MUST BUY MUST BUY I O B E Y

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