Scamster jailed

OK, so he\’s jailed:

Trevor Baines, a business tycoon ranked on the Rich List alongside Eric Clapton and Phil Collins, has been jailed for laundering \’\’dirty money\’\’ in a multimillion-dollar Wall Street share scam.

That\’s not the bit that interested me. It was this name for the court on the Isle of Man:

He was jailed for six years when he appeared for sentence at the Court of General Gaol Delivery in Douglas on the Isle of Man.

There\’s no nonsense there about that name really, is there?

1 thought on “Scamster jailed”

  1. As I recall, many years ago at Assize Courts (remember those?) , the usher would announce the beginning of the day’s proceedings by declaring that anyone with business before the Commissioner of “oyer and terminer and general gaol delivery” (the assize judge) should draw near and he would be heard.

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