David Curry, the MP who heads the committee responsible for policing Commons expenses, has claimed almost £30,000 for a second home that his wife has banned him from staying in, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

And he only stands down when The Telegraph lets him know that they know?

Mr Curry now rarely stays in his constituency and when he does so he has stayed at the £40-a-night Travelodge hotel in Skipton rather than at the taxpayer-funded cottage. He was pictured leaving the hotel after staying there on a Thursday night earlier this month.

Neighbours said last week that they had never seen the MP at the picturesque cottage near Masham in north Yorkshire.

“I have lived in the village for five years,” said one neighbour. “But I have never seen him. I have never even seen a car in the driveway.”

The Daily Telegraph has obtained copies of Mr Curry’s expense claims for the past few years which disclose he has spent thousands of pounds on renovations for the Yorkshire property. During the 2008-09 financial year he claimed thousands of pounds in connection with a defective damp course. He even hired a local “consultant” to oversee the work.

In February 2008, he claimed £1,617 for roof repairs and damage caused by the rising damp and three months later, he submitted a further bill for £1,540 for similar maintenance work. Two rooms were also redecorated.

Baroness Uddin has had her collar felt for roughly this, hasn\’t she?

1 thought on “Seriously?”

  1. A pity Curry is standing down: he was the only
    real Conservative supporter of Land Value Tax.
    There seem to be some ” circumstances” surrounding his predicament as well.

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