Slightly chilling


Meglena Kuneva is European Commissioner for Consumer Affairs

We get this:

Indeed, non-sustainable products should be phased out gradually. Research has shown that many consumers believe that environmentally non-friendly products should not even be on sale.

So when does the legal ban on non-green products get handed down from Brussels?

4 thoughts on “Slightly chilling”

  1. I think this needs testing- and soon. Ban the use of environmentally unfriendly products- say coal, wood for burning, nuclear, oil. stick with that for six months. See what the wisdom of crowds says. My guess is that such wisdom will be forcibly expressed inside that period.
    I appreciate that their idea is to boil the frog slowly- but the experiment has been done it doesn’t work, the frog jumps out of the pan.

  2. Non-green products from Brussels? I’m sure there’s a sprouts joke in there somewhere, but so far it’s eluding me.

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