Nice try lads:

The chief of the Opec oil cartel said that oil-producing countries should be compensated for lost revenues if UN climate talks in Copenhagen next month reach a deal that cuts the use of oil.

And the copper miners need compensation for the use of fibre optics, the buggy whip manufacturers for cars and the nappy makers for the invention of condoms.

In short, no, bugger off.

5 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. On the bright side- it does make a Kyoto mark 2 rather less likely. Maybe it waasn’t the nasty oil COMPANIES that the left needed too worry about?

  2. Honestly, I can’t believe he has the balls to come out and say it…

    Sadly, since they’ve pissed away the revenues from oil sales and built virtually nothing of any real (income producing) value from it, if it happens they probably will qualify for World Bank development projects, IMF loans, foreign aid, etc, even in the absence of any specific compensation. If there were ever a case for saying “you’ve had untold billions paid to you for decades, now paddle your own canoe”, this is it.

    Reading the article, I also can’t believe the front of the head of OPEC accusing speculators of driving up the price of oil – isn’t that their job? Or is he looking for compensation for demarcation as well?

  3. Bugger, thought of a formulation that better expresses my feelings on this right after hitting submit.

    In the above post, please read “you’ve had untold billions paid to you for decades, now paddle your own canoe” as “you’ve held the entire fucking world to ransom for decades, shove it where the sun don’t shine”.

  4. This lot have 50-odd oil tankers off the UK coast refusing to dock and unload until the price goes up, and they have the cheek to ask for compensation?

    Drop the oil price by a dollar a day, every day, until those tankers dock.

    Then tax them.

  5. Surely one of the benefits of the greenhouse effect. Is that the Pedophile worshippers will have less money to fund terrorists etc. IMHO the ideal scenario would be in 30 years to have :-
    a) alternative sources of energy to oil
    b) discovered that global warming didn’t happen
    c) have sent the Saudi economy back to the dark ages.

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