Something missing here…

Can\’t quite put my finger on it though…..

A Conservative Government would install London Mayor Boris Johnson as the first elected police commissioner

Umm, isn\’t there something of a difference between \”someone who has been elected becoming police commissioner\” and \”someone elected to be police commissioner\”?

And it what way does the former differ from the old system of the Met reporting to the Home Secretary? That, umm, system that we decided wasn\’t good enough?

2 thoughts on “Something missing here…”

  1. Quite – it’s a bid weird to complain about politicisation of the police, given that the Met chief is appointed by the Home Secretary.

    Seriously, politicians often claim that the office of Home Secretary is apolitical. And of course it is, but the person who is Home Secretary is a politician.

    It is to laugh.

  2. Boris represents London. If the voters of London don’t like the policing priorities of the London police they can cheerfully vote against Boris and get change.

    The Home Secretary is a cock-end (the current in a long sequence of cock-ends going back to David Waddington and before). If you live in London and don’t like the way London is policed you can simply go fuck yourself because whoever you vote for isn’t going to listen to you.

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