The Shadow Defence Secretary told The Daily Telegraph that ending Britain’s 25,000 strong military presence on the Rhine would be part of a fundamental reorganisation of Nato forces designed to free troops for military operations outside Europe.

I thought we\’d already left.

Sounds sensible that we should leave though.

4 thoughts on “Strange”

  1. Nothing in the article about where in the UK they’d put the two Brigades and the Divisional HQ that are still in Germany. That’s quite a lot of real estate and housing.

  2. Bring them home, claim there’s nothing for them to do and so generate more cut backs and savings.

    Why are they still there? Because Labour governments always hate having the British Army at home, they don’t trust them.

  3. I believe there are good training facilities in Germany- if so it might be sensible to keep using them. Otherwise yes- bring them back.

  4. I agree with Pat -aren’t they partly there because of training facilities? There are large bits of Germany where the army can play with their tanks and let off fireworks to their hearts’ content, which they can’t in our overcrowded little island.

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