The Observer calls for a debate

The underlying problem is a collective political failure to agree – or even to discuss – what constitutes work of genuine public good,

Now that will be an interesting debate to have.

What\’s our opening bid? That only 50% of what government currently does is work of genuine public good? 20%?

2 thoughts on “The Observer calls for a debate”

  1. We’re taxed on more than that, AC1; earning money, spending money, saving money, winning money, owning a television, owning a car, insuring that car (even though we’re legally obliged to do that), living in a house. The end is listless, as they say. For those among us who are net taxpayers (which, of course, excludes all public sector employees as well as all benefit recipients), that’s probably well over half of our income.

    Genuine public goods are national defence, policing and the judiciary, and nothing more. Funding of these should be by a flat charge on each person. Anything else should be paid for by those who use it.

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