This is interesting

The common pot arrangement with the Isle of Man:

Darling\’s target was the agreement in which the two governments share the revenue from VAT and duties on gambling and alcohol, which in various forms and to various formulae has survived for hundreds of years.

Ritchie has of course been banging on about this for years. And calculating how much of it is a gross overpayment from us to them. But as far as I can remember he\’s only been doing his numbers on VAT: entirely leaving out booze and gambling (and I would assume, although don\’t know, that it would also cover ther excise taxes like fags as well….anyone know?).

Is anyone actually interested enough though to follow his calculations?

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  1. So the Isle of Man’s taxpayers are going to lose £100m a year because of agitators like Murphy? Wouldn’t having him liquidated be cheaper?

    Not that I’m recommending such a course; merely pointing out that people have been knobbled for a lot less.

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