This isn\’t quite true you know

World temperatures are on course to rise 6C by the end of the century because of global warming, a major British study has forecast.

What they\’ve actually said is that it might.

Professor Le Quere said the situation could get worse as the world loses the ability to absorb greenhouse gases in natural \”carbon sinks\” like oceans and forests.

The report, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, found that over the past half century the average \”airborne fraction\” of carbon remaining in the atmosphere had probably increased from 40 to 45 per cent because the oceans were less able to absorb the greenhouse gas.

Which brings us back to our old favourite. We really don\’t (this is as in, *we do not know*) what the balance of feedback processes is. Everyone is guessing in a more or less informed manner.

Which rather means that this isn\’t a new report: it\’s just a rehash of one of the more extreme scenarios from the IPCC process.

3 thoughts on “This isn\’t quite true you know”

  1. The Telegraph has been captured by the warmist lobby. The recruitment of Geoffrey Lean from the Independent as panic-creator in chief together with its partial reliance on the Carbon Trust to fund its financial pages makes the Telegraph an increasingly unreliable source of climate change related news.

  2. An increase in 40 to 45% as any ghoul knose depends upon the starting point which, if it is around 0.0002% of the atmosphere results in the square root of E=Rap squared ! Or to put it in Ingelish is the square route of feck oil, should that be ‘fake all’ which may be interpreted as ‘an abiotic assumption’ or as we intelligent peeps say: ‘


    These perps annoy me.


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