Taking on Richard Murphy\’s latest silliness at Comment is Free.

Murphy pops up in comments with an amusing little misunderstanding of the facts.

9 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Murphy isn’t hilarious, he’s dangerous.

    He won’t be dangerous in the near future: he will be scrabbling for a living from a diminishing pool of money. His source of tax-payer cash will be cut off when NEF loses its funding. He won’t be making money from the TUC when they lose their “modernisation” money. And he won’t be making money writing drivel for the Guardian when they lose their income from advertising Government non-jobs.

  2. We live in hope.

    I certainly do. When the cuts come, which will the Tories make:

    (a) chopping the likes of NEF, an obscure lefty fake charity that the public won’t even understand what it is, let alone why it was funded, or

    (b) a few doctors and nurses.

    The money poured into lefty fronts over the decade is an outrage. Cutting the flow of cash dead is a no-brainer when looking for cuts. Personally, I’d look long and hard at drafting a windfall tax on those who ran these fake charities.

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