Large wardrobes of seldom-used clothes are no longer environmentally acceptable and people should instead rent outfits and accessories, according to the Government’s waste watchdog.

WRAP actually started out well but they seem to have descended into a caricature.

The emissions from cleaning all these clothes (and dry cleaning is indeed highly emittive) will be what?

7 thoughts on “Twats”

  1. Hang on: isn’t all this cotton grown and then stored (in the form of clothes) a neat form of carbon capture?

    Or is this not true when it’s also inconvenient? (to coin a phrase)

  2. I’m fairly certain that the EU will issue its list of limitations on personal inventories of clothing any day now.

  3. The thing is, not many people throw clothes away nowadays. There are too many good causes running charity shops, and also the Salvation Army have a constant need for clean serviceable clothing. Same applies to shoes, boots, belts, sunglasses.

    So no, it’s a silly idea, promoted by people who think they have a right to complain about how many overcoats you have. Prodnoses.

  4. I think it was Mark Holland who said once when some greeny started spouting on a similar subject that we should all go back to two sets of clothes: work clothes and Sunday best.

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