Umm, no Maddy

We haven\’t ended poverty in the UK, despite some effort and considerable resources over many decades, so why do we imagine it will be any easier in a continent thousands of miles away of which we have so little understanding?

Umm, we have ended poverty in the UK: in the sense that you are using poverty here, the destitution of rural African poverty.

And we did it the same way that everyone else who has managed this feat did it. Decades, centuries, of sustained growth in GDP per capita. That thing which this liberal capitalism/free markets shtick has as its notable, even identifying feature. For there is no other economic system which has managed it.

Those places which have used this system for the requisite number of years do not have poverty. Those which have not do.

It ain\’t exactly rocket science here.

2 thoughts on “Umm, no Maddy”

  1. When the left talk about eliminating poverty, they mean taking money off working Tory voters and givivng it to bone idle dole scrounging labour voters – and then patting themsleves on the back for how much empathy they’re displaying (without any iota of irony or self awareness)

  2. Tim
    oblique to topic but I saw a video of Dambisa Moyo saying that “Africa is to the aid community what Mars is to NASA” – made me chuckle.
    It came via Aidwatch – Bill Easterly’s blog

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