Useful drugs figures


Tobacco 114,000

Alcohol 5,000 to 40,000

Heroin, morphine, methadone 944

Cocaine 147

Ecstasy 48

Aphetamines 83

Solvents 45

Cannabis 16

Source: Office for National Statistics, Department of Health and Ash.

Figures refer to 2004, where substance is mentioned on the death certificate, except alcohol and tobacco which are annual estimates.



Source: Home Office research.


3.5 million a year aged 16 to 59

11 million in their liftetime

Source: British Crime Survey 05/06


Estimated at £2.5 billion a year.

Here as an aide memoire more than anything else.

I think I\’m right in saying that a mention on a death certificate indicates a contribution to, a connection with, but not necessarily the sole cause of death.

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  1. And of those listed as having died from Ecstasy/Cocaine/Amphetamines i wonder how many of them were genuinely killed by the recreational drug itself. Most likely the majority of these deaths will have been caused by also drinking far too much alcohol, having to consume drugs cut with some poison or other due to their having to purchase them illegally or from not drinking enough/drinking too much water and giving yourself brain swelling or a heart attack.

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