Weird this

I actually agree with James Hansen:

Governments must place a uniform rising price on carbon, collected at the fossil fuel source – the mine or port of entry. The fee should be given to the public in toto, as a uniform dividend, payroll tax deduction or both.

Of course, I think he\’s hysterical over how much the tax should be, over what damage might be done by climate change. But the basic idea he\’s got there is entirely sound.

Whack on a revenue neutral carbon tax, shut the fuck up and let the market do the rest.

2 thoughts on “Weird this”

  1. Whereas I think that “taxing carbon” is an hysterical concept anyway. The whole AGW concept has been placed in severe doubt as a result of “Climategate”.

    CO2 is plant food, not the basis of Armageddon.

  2. At least Hanson is being self consistent here: he claims that he believes anthropogenic CO2 emissions are a problem and he is proposing a policy that would actually address that problem.

    If the majority of AGW alarmists start proposing policies that might actually solve the problem that they claim to be so concerned about, I might start taking them more seriously!

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