Ah, Americans

A USian friend has emailed in perplexity about my use earlier of the phrase \”whippet flange mills\”.


He tried to look it up on Google. Along with Ecky Bah Thump as a comestible and flat cap emporiums.

I told him to think Jeff Foxworthy on rednecks to get an idea of the meanings.

Anyone do better as definitions?

7 thoughts on “Ah, Americans”

  1. It’s “ecky thump”. Don’t know where you got the bah from. You could be thinking of “by eck [lad/lass]” which is a general form of exclamation, eg: “by eck vitnery cow’s got mastics” [apols to James Herriot].

    Also don’t be mixing up Yorkshire and Lancashire phrases, that’s a terrible sin.

  2. “Ecky Bah Thump”

    Eee Bah Gum mixed with Ecky Thump.



    “Whippet Flange Mills”

    Whippets being a popular breed of dog amongst those in Yorkshire (West Yorkshire in particular). Flange Mills being a reference (gone askew) to a Monty Python sketch itself being a reference to the stereotypical mills (i.e. factories) of the North:


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