Anyone out there who actually understands Google Adsense?

This is probably trivial for someone who knows how to do this.

For me it\’s impossible (given the help you don\’t get from google itself).

Over at the other blog I\’ve a problem with getting Google Adsense to run.

This blog, a number of blogspot ones and a couple of Typepad ones all run off the same Adsense account, even though there are several channels.

Adsense is still running here and on the blogspot blogs. So it\’s not that I\’ve so offended Google that they\’ve pulled my account as a whole.

However, Adsense is not running on the Typepad blogs.

Typepad have lifted the code which is on those blogs and inserted it into another blog. It works there.

But ads simply do not show when the code is where it should be.

It\’s not my computer or anything, for I can see from the logs that the ads are not showing on the Typepad blogs.

So, that\’s the problem. Ads from the account run on other blogs, the code itself seems to be fine as it will run elsewhere but the code will not serve up ads on my particular and specific Typepad blogs.

So, anyone actually know enough about the interaction of Adsense and Typepad to sort this out? It\’s not like it makes a huge amount of money but it\’s a decent dinner out for two each month…..

3 thoughts on “Anyone out there who actually understands Google Adsense?”

  1. Some possible reasons:
    1. Sometimes it takes a while (as in a couple of days) for adsense ads to appear. Maybe you haven’t waited long enough.
    2. sometimes adsense simply doesn’t have any ads to display for your site. If you’ve selected “Public service ads” (PSA’s in adsense lingo) then you’ll see ads for charities and so on… but if not, it will simply display nothing at all.

    If you want to test it, you’ll have to make offerings to the adsense gods. Try writing about something that people will run advertisements around, like kitchen renovations or rare pulminory diseases.
    That should do the trick.

    Tim adds: All good thoughts but no, it’s not any of them. It really is that ads are not being served.

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