Building in Madrid

Hmm, Spain\’s in the middle of the worst property crash ever. They\’ve got something like a million empty houses across the country and commercial property is even worse.

The solution?

The ambitious building project will see the skyline to the north of the Spanish capital transformed with the addition of 20 skyscrapers including four towers over 60 storey\’s high.

The initial stage of the project – dubbed \”Operation Chamartin\” – was given the green light last month (NOV) by authorities in the capital who have earmarked 11 billion euros investment to see to completion.

Build more?

Taking old JMK a little far isn\’t it?

9 thoughts on “Building in Madrid”

  1. Everywhere you go in Spain there´s projects like this. The amount of road building is phenomenal. If the UK had Spain´s highway network it´d revolutionize travel & they´re still building them.
    All EU money of course as it so prominently says on the signboards so in other words straight out the pocket of the UK taxpayer

  2. “four towers over 60 storey’s high.”

    Can anyone explain the rat-like pathways of the brain of someone who writes “storey’s” but not “tower’s” or “authority’s” or “euro’s”?

    What puzzles me so is the lack of any logic or consistency to the misuse of the apostrophe by these people.

  3. Oh, and for anyone who can explain the above, can they also have a go at explaining why someone who writes for the Telegraph for a living – a so-called journalist – can’t write at what wouldn’t even have been CSE-level English twenty years ago.

  4. I hear that world wars are good for ending depressions. Knock everything down and then rebuild it all again. The more you knock down (Germany/Japan) the more successful the ensuing boom.

    Yes, it sounds crazy, but it works.

    I hope the limited Spanish idea works, and sets an example to the rest of us, otherwise we might have to do a whole lot more “knocking down”.

  5. John East – as D Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek points out, were war the route to prosperity, then Beirut would be the wealthiest place on earth.

  6. KT – this perplexes me too. It’s not so much that these people are unlettered as the fact that the subs should have come down on them like a hammer years ago and drilled apostrophe-usage into them. I’m a product of a monstrously expensive education. My sister, a University administrator, is a product of the State system. Yet both she and I can punctuate to a nicety. We both know where apostrophes go; the rules are simple and finite. What has happened?

  7. John,

    They do say mechanical engineers build weapons systems while civil engineers build targets.

    What’s more (careful apostrophe usage just for Kay Tie) we haven’t fought the Spaniards for a while. It would make a change from bashing the French or the Germans.

  8. “careful apostrophe usage just for Kay Tie”

    Hey, I can live with sloppily missed-out apostrophes. We all cut corners.

    What befuddles me is the people who make the effort time to put them in, and in the most seemingly random of places. I’m trying to get a handle on the bizarre rules by which these people seem to think “menu’s” should get one but “apostrophes” shouldn’t. It’s not a vowel thing, is it, because “euros” didn’t get one. And it’s not a “y” thing because “authorities” didn’t get one.

    Any illiterates care to step forward and explain what you were thinking?

    Tim adds: “Any illiterates care to step forward and explain what you were thinking?”

    “smccjf kkkrnew jsdhga+º burble”

    il·lit·er·ate (-ltr-t)
    a. Unable to read and write.

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