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Christmas the American Way

Boy, do they live it up over there.

On Google Trends, the rankings of what people are searching for, you\’ve got:

Is Dunkin\’ Donuts open on Christmas.

I\’ve done some pretty strange things on the day down the years but never thought of a donut shop as quite capturing the spirit.

10 thoughts on “Christmas the American Way”

  1. Hang on Timmy, not everyone always celebrates Chrissy in the traditional way. My Mam and Dad once used the holiday to redecorate the lounge. They celebrated the birth of the messiah with a bag of chips, two kitkats, and two cans of Export.

    Made a good job of the lounge too.

  2. I’d be surprised if most of them weren’t open on Christmas Day, as most are owned and operated by Hindus and Muslims (but, alas, rarely in partnership…).

  3. I was amazed at how many pulperias (mini-supermarkets) were open on Xmas day here in Costa Rica. It was all in a good cause, mind, since I scored a bottle of Chivas which my best friend and I promptly killed. We were very full of Christmas Cheer.

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