Dysfunctional government

No, it\’s not just the personalities:

The Prime Minister’s plan to make postcode information freely available, when it currently makes more than £20 million a year for Royal Mail, is said to have left the Business Secretary feeling increasingly sidelined.

No, it\’s not just Gordo and Mandy having a spat. It\’s what they\’re having a spat about.

£20 million is 0.0028% of the current budget. It\’s less than a rounding error.

What in buggery are the two most powerful politicians in the country doing even considering such a pittance, let alone having a fight about it? This is the sort of thing that should be dealt with at middle management level within the Post Office, not fought over in the Cabinet*.

No wonder politics doesn\’t work when huge amounts of time and energy are spent on such trivialities.

*Note that it makes all such decisions within anything remotely connected to Government inefficient: for middle management cannot credibly commit, they must refer it upwards.

4 thoughts on “Dysfunctional government”

  1. Actually, it’s a good sign…

    Imagine what those moonbats could do if they were as effective as you wish they were.

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