So I\’m skimming through this piece about Lionel Blair and he mentions his children. And then his partner. Who is called Susan.

Oh, there\’s one belief gone then. I was sure he was gay.

Another lesson learned then, howlingly camp is not the same as gay (of course, I\’m already well aware that gay is not necessarily camp).

9 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. Well he might still be (cf Gareth Thomas) but it has been well-known for some time that he was straight. He just plays up his camp persona.

    I enjoyed the bit in the interview where he said they had sold their house in Marbella rather than let their by then 18yo kids use it with their friends. Very wise!

  2. ISTR that the spectacularly “camp” actor, Melvin Hayes – he of “Gloria” in “It ain’t half hot mum” – has about ten children…

    The stereotype gets another kicking! 🙂

  3. Are you sure about Susan? An acquaintance of mine once met a very sexy lady called Susan on the interweb. Apparently he was quite shocked when he met her in person and found out Susan was actually a very masculine truck driver from Burnley.

  4. Pogo beat me to it. [I’ve always wanted to say that]. I saw Melvin Hayes pushing a pram in Reigate in the 1970s and my whole world changed. What do you mean, TV’s not real? Mum? MUM!

  5. Also calcium re-perfect is old leftover custard, collected from factory canteens, and pro-retinol A, is sump oil. In a very pretty jar. With a ribbon round it.

    It’s all shite. And yes, you are indeed worth it.

  6. I always thought Lionel Blair was a splendid chap who’d be a fun drinking buddy. But then, as Jonah Goldberg put it, I have Soviet-era Gaydar.

    Since I’m a) straight b) unmarried c) unprejudiced, it really makes no difference anyway.

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