Equality is all!

British health care is little better than that of former Communist countries, which spend a fraction of the billions poured into the NHS.

A survey published yesterday by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development sees Britain languishing with the Czech Republic and Poland in international league tables on health.

But it\’s not all bad news!

On the positive side, the survey shows British healthcare is much more equitable than most other countries.

Shite but egalitarian. You might even think it was deliberately designed that way.

And of course, when you look at the WHO numbers for the ranking of health care systems (rather than this OECD one) you find that the egalitarianism of the system counts for the majority of the rating. The actual effectiveness of the care amounts to only 25% of it.

Which is why the NHS does so well in the WHO rankings.

3 thoughts on “Equality is all!”

  1. ” If everyone can’t have the best, then no-one can.” seems to be the Lefts attitude to education as well as healthcare.

  2. The charts I have seen are all bollox any way.

    They are trying to tell us that Germany comes NOWHERE on ANY of them?

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