World leaders at the Copenhagen climate conference agreed an unprecedented last-minute deal to combat global warming but immediately conceded that the watered-down accord did not go far enough.

So they\’re not going to cause too much damage then.

As Richard Tol has pointed out, the EU is already too ambitious in its plans even if others are insufficiently so.

3 thoughts on “Excellent”

  1. Thank Christ the whole climate change debate has finally ran into the buffers of hypocrisy – pretty much everyone in the West, who is fantastically better off due to carbon usage, talks the talk, but ultimately refuses to walk the walk.

    The reality of carbon reduction is reduction in living standards, and even our politicians, as detached from reality as they are, are not going to impoverish their populations like that. They have elections to win and salaries to collect. And you can’t do that when you’ve been voted out of office by a vengeful public.

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