George\’s speech for Obama

Interesting little thought:

\”I recognise, however, that even this measure cannot guarantee that we stay within the two-degree limit. Eventual global temperatures will be set by the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The best scientific estimate is that we can afford to burn a maximum of 60% of the carbon stored in the world\’s current reserves of fossil fuels. A safer proportion would be 40%.

\”When I arrive home I will commission a taskforce to identify which of the fossil fuel reserves of the United States will be left in the ground.

George seems not to understand the US Constitution.

If you\’ve got identified fossil fuels under your land then this is property which you own (and if you\’ve got a licence or permit to get them out then even more so). If the government takes your property from you then this is \”a taking\” for which fair market price must be paid by said government.

So George Monbiot is committing the US President to paying, today, at fair market prices, for 60% of the entire reserves of fossil fuels in the US.

Y\’know, somehow I really don\’t thank that that is the cheapest way of dealing with climate change, really, I don\’t.

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