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Conclusions Listening to Nellie the Elephant significantly increased the proportion of lay people delivering compression rates at close to 100 per minute. Unfortunately it also increased the proportion of compressions delivered at an inadequate depth. As current resuscitation guidelines give equal emphasis to correct rate and depth, listening to Nellie the Elephant as a learning aid during CPR training should be discontinued.

3 thoughts on “Great research paper of the day”

  1. The long-held knowledge (amongst people who have to regularly prove that they can do CPR – or BLS – Basic Life Support, as we are now supposed to call it, without being proper medics or even getting a First Aid Certificate) that humming “Nellie” while doing CPR training is useful but insufficient is why “Annie” is equipped with a clicker. And you don’t play “Nellie” – otherwise you wouldn’t be able to hear the clicker, would you?

  2. I was taught to think of “you can tell by the way I use my walk I’m a woman’s man no time to talk” as that is 100bpm and well-known. What the hell is Nellie anyway?

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