Horrors! Disaster!

Britain has plummeted to the foot of an international league table for the number of young people remaining in education beyond the age of 15, according to research. It has been overtaken by Portugal, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and New Zealand in major rankings showing the number of teenagers in college and university.

The University and College Union, which published the research, warned that drastic action was needed to stop the UK becoming a “first-world country with third-world” ambition.

OK, standard practice here. Producers union releases figures showing that said producers aren\’t getting enough money for being producers. We must immediately spend more on them in order to avoid complete and total disaster.

Nowhere is there an admission that we might actually have, erm, excessive education? For example, an arts degree for a male now reduces lifetime earnings, not increases them (which means that however enjoyable and desirable such a degree is for the individual, and of course education is such, it is not economically sensible either for said individual or the society as a whole.) which leads to the conclusion that we would be richer with fewer in higher education, not more.

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  1. I was convinced of our overvaluing of education by a commentor on Samiz who cited that in 185? Britain despite being the wealthiest country in Europe had the lowest proportion in schools. He agreed with Gladstone that this was a bad thig- I’d rather have the money.

  2. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    And this assertion supposes that those in ‘education’ over the age of 15 are actually receiving an education.

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