How does this work then?

As more women come out of the woodwork alleging affairs with Tiger Woods, and details about his mysterious car crash two weeks ago continue to emerge including that he may have been under the influence of alcohol and subscription drugs at the time,

Subscription drugs?

Sort of a \”Drug of the Month Club\” thing? Sign up and get the psychedelic of your choice delivered to your home?

Offer Summary

Current Promotion Join today and get 4 hits  for $1, plus a free tote with membership
Initial Cost $14.70 (4 drugs  for $1, plus $13.70 S&H)
Extra Savings Save even more when you buy one more drug  at 50% off the dealer\’s edition price at sign-up. This drug will count towards your commitment.
Commitment Buy 4 drugs over the next 2 years (just 1 drug  every 6 months)
Club Savings Example Cost per toke  came to $11.52 in one example, a savings of over $3/hit off retail prices.

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