In praise of Ritchie

Fair play:

The winner was crusading accountant Richard Murphy, of Tax Research UK.


However, now that we know where his expertise lies, in accounting for corporate structures, might we be able to encourage him to remain in his specialty? Rather than trying to redesign both the financial markets and the entire economy (to say nothing of the tax system itself), areas where he clearly knows little?

5 thoughts on “In praise of Ritchie”

  1. Effing and Blinding

    What will the great man (Ritchie) make of it all.

    When even those who make the rules diddle the system with these artificial structures.

    Have a look at this exchange.

    Is he normally this rude to people he disagrees with? And he thinks we want more authoritarian structures with the likes of him in charge.

    But when it comes to his own property rights (this is my blog and I can do what I like) he is a right little right wing fascist. Pity he can’t be as respectful for the property rights of others.

    A couple of gems:

    “The NHS is a command structure. What do you think all private enterprises are? They make Stalin look like a pussy cat. Private enterprise is the last home of the dictator with the 5 year plan. The NHS is better than that”

    I note you are in private equity
    You’re not expected to like my style
    Your ethos and mine are poles apart
    I expect I threaten what you do
    Why should I seek to please you?

    So does he really think private equity is threatened by HIM! Can there be a more pompous stuffed up little man with such a deluded sense of importance in Christendom?

  2. Actually, all that means is he knows a bit about partnership taxation. Nothing terribly mysterious there.

    Just because The Guardian and its readership can’t figure it out (they can’t figure out anything related to business, finance, taxation, accounting or economics, as you well know) doesn’t mean Murphy is blessed with expertise.

    His grasp on taxation and accounting as tenuous at best. No doubt this dubious distinction will puff him up even more. Pity.

  3. Truly a nasty piece of work. It’s not difficult to imagine him with a field green uniform, peaked cap, brown leather high boots, holding a Makarov pistol and posing for the camera in front of a ditch full of bodies.

  4. But when it comes to his own property rights (this is my blog and I can do what I like) he is a right little right wing fascist

    Now that is typical the spotty Stalin John B is just the same . they all are … with noble exceptions Bob Piper and Hopi Sen.

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