In which I praise the Guardian

Excellent news.

After that little fiasco over their 6 month investigation of Tesco\’s tax dodging (which led, as you might remember, to a libel suit and if I recall correctly, the payment of damages) The Guardian has decided to go after Tony Blair\’s tax structures.


But why should I praise them for doing what would be a similarly embarassing failure?

Well, the praise is for the fact that they\’ve realised they know entirely fuck all about money, tax or corporations and so have asked their readers to tell them what\’s going on.

They call it crowdsourcing, I call it an admission of ignorance but there we go. At least they have admitted to the ignorance which is a step forward, is it not? And worthy of praise?

3 thoughts on “In which I praise the Guardian”

  1. Well, I still hate them for regularly deleting my comments when I call them liars.

    Murph does that too.

    Oh well.

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