Stephen Foster, a supermarket worker from Gateshead, received a shock was mistakenly paid £1.4 million in wages. …..However, Mr Foster decided not to spend the money and instead contacted his employers to arrange repayment.

The Co-operative have now rewarded his honesty with a crate of Budweiser beer.


Interesting….they seem to have changed the shape of Budweiser bottles since I last bought any…..

7 thoughts on “Interesting”

  1. I would have been on the next flight to Vegas. Use the debit card at a casino, get as much in chips as possible. Gamble a bit playing blackjack (best odds so you wouldn’t lose too much, if any) then cash the chips out. Then disappear.

  2. A famous City bank once bunged an erroneous £100k into my wife’s account. In them days a hundred thousand pounds really was a hundred thousand pounds.

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