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Saw in one of the local English language rags here that RyanAir has just agreed a €400 million investment in making Faro one of it\’s regional bases.

They don\’t fly out of Faro at present.

From what I understand RyanAir turning up at the local airport (50km away) leads to something of a boom in the price of property suitable for use as holiday or second homes.

Given that I\’ve just put two houses on the market, that\’s good news then, isn\’t it?

Two. two bedroom one bath houses at €225,000 each if anyone\’s interested….newly renovated, legal documents entirely sorted out. One has reasonable garden and detatched office as well.

4 thoughts on “Interesting news”

  1. Sure about the legalities?

    Sure, 100% sure, that some dago isn’t going to turn round in a few years and say the planning permission wasn’t valid and here comes the bulldozer?

    I’d be pretty cautious if I were buying.

  2. I would be cautious too Timmy.

    RyanAir has picked up a reputation for being a fair weather friend, who buggers off and leaves you in the lurch as soon as the going gets rough.

  3. Why should be Tim be careful? He’s selling. Once the buyers bought (at a price Tim hasn’t raised, despite this good news) what does he care?

    And ‘dago’, really.

  4. They don’t fly out of Faro at present

    They do, actually, but only to a small number of destinations. (I know, as I spent ten hours in Faro airport waiting for a Ryanair flight to Stansted on Sunday. I can’t blame them for the snow though). At the end of March they upgrade the situation from Faro as a “destination” (ie planes based somewhere else) to a “base” (ie planes parked in Faro overnight) and add about another 20 destinations.

    Just being picky with details – the overall effect is the same.

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