Mishcon de Reya, libel law, blogs and Dr. Pachauri

Well, and newspapers too.

In my opinion this is just Dr. Pachauri being a tad sensitive about all of his business links.

I mean, really, how could anyone even think, let alone accuse him of, an international bureaucrat feathering his own nest?

No, no, all these fees and payments from people with an interest in carbon trading and so on are simply the minimum due to hte head of the IPCC: after all, we do have to save the world, don\’t we?

It\’s absolutely correct that his lawyers should send a letter to those presumptuous enough to peek into his dealings.

Wouldn\’t have thought that there\’d be all that much atremblin\’ and ashakin\’ going on though. Christopher Booker\’s been at Private Eye right from the start after all. Seen more than one generation of lawyer off.

3 thoughts on “Mishcon de Reya, libel law, blogs and Dr. Pachauri”

  1. What you need now is a really really really good investigative journalist, well schooled in the arts of corporate corruption – you know – someone like Monbiot – he’ll be all over it in a flash.

  2. Heh..! Sure he will…

    Haven’t these idiots learned you can’t beat the internet?

    Ah, well. May all the Righteous be stupid in 2010 as well as they were in 2009.

    Have a great New Year! 🙂

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