Nice line

Gradually a few things about the people in this movement are becoming clear. First, they are anxious to emphasise their economic conservatism. Their mantra is small government, their obsession the national debt. In more than an hour neither Paul nor any of the 35 audience members mentioned abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, creationism or religion in schools. \”Remember when one of Clinton\’s aides said \’It\’s the economy, stupid\’?\” Rand Paul asked me afterwards. \”It still is the economy … I\’m not running for preacher. I\’m running for office.\”

2 thoughts on “Nice line”

  1. “When I asked her what young people do for kicks in a place that doesn’t serve alcohol, she shrugged: “Some of them take drugs and have sex. I watch videos with my sister.””


  2. Ron Paul actually christened his son Rand?

    Dear oh lor! That is taking the libertarian cause a bit to far, isn’t it?

    Just like the poor sod I went to school with. He had two Marxist Trade Union officials for a mum and dad.
    His name was Maxim. Not short for Maximillian or anything, just plain Maxim.
    He’s a far left documentary film maker now.
    Why do children of loony left parents never rebel against their mums and dads like the rest of us?

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