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Asked last week by the BBC about these emails, King would say only that their leak and publication in the run-up to the Copenhagen summit had to be the work of some malign national agency (the CIA? The Russians?). Since we know that a Briton with Asperger’s syndrome, working on a domestic dial-up internet connection, managed to hack into the Pentagon’s most secret codes, King’s insistence that only a national agency could have hacked into a non-secure academic research unit’s emails seems as sensible as the assertion that we must all plan to settle in Antarctica.

Dominic Lawson

4 thoughts on “Nice point”

  1. By mistake I assume, the BBC’s Today programme interviewed a computer expert concerning an earlier item in the same programme where King’s hysteria was given the usual respectful reception. The expert said that educational institutions (as against banks etc!) are wide open for this kind of thing and computer-stored data at such institutions were easily hacked, leaked or whatever.

  2. “….Sir David King, when he said that if we did not act to reduce our carbon emissions, by the end of the century Antarctica would be the world’s only habitable continent. ” And then tried to deny it; and then was caught out. Chump.

  3. It’s all a conspiracy. So far the customer base of SAGA plus the CIA and/or KGB have been identified, but I suspect they are only the foot soldiers.

    We await information from Warmist HQ as to whether it’s the Illuminatii or the squirrels who are actually directing everything.

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