A hugely important initiative:

Labour MP: ban shops from selling ‘sexist’ pink toys to little girls

No, really, it is vital:

“Since the early 1990s manufacturers and retailers of children’s products have fabricated restrictive boundaries of what it is to be a girl in today\’s society.

“As a result body image obsession begins younger and younger and beauty is valued over brains.”

D\’ye think she might have done women\’s studies at the local Poly?

The government\’s bust, billions globally are still mired in poverty, the Greens are gearing up to castrate the economy in the name of Gaia and we\’re all supposed to go and worry about the dye used in plastic toys?

As Douglas Adams pointed out, the one thing a human being cannot afford to have in this universe is a sense of perspective.

4 thoughts on “Pinkstinks”

  1. In chronological order: MA English Lit and Modern History at Glasgow, post-grad teaching ticket from uni of London and a law degree from South Bank Poly.

    According to voting record Bridget Prentice, for it is she, is 100% NuLabour drone and deeply embedded in the political class.

  2. I have a three year old girl. She loves pink.

    She has a twin brother and so has been raised surrounded by a mix of colours and toys. She likes pink, jewelery, clothes and anything vaguely girly. My wife is not a big fan of dressing up, does not wear a lot of make up. So my daughter was born with an innate sense of girlieness.

    So you haddock faced feminist bitch, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  3. IF you are not merely skimming money from this ludicrous campaign, I would suggest that you take all money collected from the masses, distribute it to those who might need real help with their lives and leave innocent children to their innocent pleasures.

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