Pretty good but….

But look at inflation:

A WOMAN will be celebrating Christmas with a £3 set of fairy lights that she bought… 40 years ago.

She says that they were the cheapest in town (at Woollies natch).

But calculating by changes in average earnings £3 in 1969 is £74.00 now.

I have a feeling that you\’d be able to get a set of fairy lights for £3 in today\’s money wouldn\’t you?

Ain\’t capitalism grand?

19 thoughts on “Pretty good but….”

  1. I have a feeling that you’d be able to get a set of fairy lights for £3 in today’s money wouldn’t you?

    Not quite – a tenner from the local cash and carry would be about right for fairy lights, which is still not bad going compared to £74.

  2. I bought some for £15 on special offer that actually advertise themsleves as lights for life , you get back up and all sorts .Its like Disco in my house
    I suspect the old dear`s are like trigger`s broom , “Hadc this broom thirty years , its had eight handles and ten brushes “

  3. The things probably contravene every fire, electrocution risk and environmental/emissions regulation in the book. The poor dear’s going to get the four o’clock knock from some bunch of jobsworths or other – probably on Christmas Day.

  4. There are a number of reasons for the cheap gadgets, and not all of them are positive.

    You have no factored in that those lights are imported nowadays(putting someone here out of a job, making them claim the dole instead of paying taxes), and most likely assembled in a sweatshop that uses children, who also will not be given adequate protection against the dangers in their workplace.

    After you tot it all up, you will (as always) find that there is no free lunch to be had.

  5. Evelyn, have you considered that because we buy our lights from abroad, the children making them have a job, which they would not have otherwise? (If they would, indeed, have some other, better-paying job, why do they do that one?)

  6. Ian, the children would still have a job without the sweatshop.

    There’s always a demand for young children.

  7. gbp2.49 for a set of Christmas lights at Argos. No idea where Unity’s tenner comes from.

    @4, erm, you know you’re allowed to make your own house as dangerous as you like, right? – the regs only apply for goods for sale. Youcouldntmakeitup, except for the people who do…

    @8 are there still, really, people in real life who think importing cheap goods puts people out of work? Can we not start teaching “lump of labour” fallacy to year 1 schoolkids, and deport the ones who haven’t mastered it by year 5 off to Bangladesh to make Christmas lights…?

  8. Capitalism is absolutely marvellous: it provides cheap imports for people with young families who could not otherwise afford things because they spend twice as much as they need to on expensive houses.Viva Henry George!

  9. John B – ‘erm, you know you’re allowed to make your own house as dangerous as you like, right? ‘

    Erm, no you’re not.
    It’s called Occupier’s Liability, John, and it means that occupiers are, er, liable for injury caused to visitors (including trespassers) to their home.
    Of course, you can electrocute your own kids without fear of… wait a minute, that can’t be right, either.
    OK, you can electrocute yourself.
    We can agree on that.

    Youcouldntmakeitup (except for John Band).

  10. Oooooh get you, big John B!

    You spend your life, as far as I can see, trawling the net to pick people up on their errors; it seems you’re not a fan of your own sauce!

    You said: ‘You’re allowed to make your own house as dangerous as you like.’*

    I said : ‘You’re not.’

    Now, true, you can fill your house with exposed live wires if you like, but you’d better bar the door. Which means, in practice, that I’m right and you’re a cunt.

    *You didn’t say: ‘You’re allowed under Health and Safety legislation to make your own house as dangerous as you like.’

  11. Tim,

    What The Great Simpleton said at 12:16.

    And it is to be hoped that the embedded sweat of Chinese orphans does not cause the more modern £3 set to fuse.

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