Public education for thee but not for me

A very catty yet interesting line:

As I’ve said before, what always struck me about Obama’s appointment of Duncan to run the nation’s schools — and he is actually moving to do just that, more so than any previous federal administration — is that Arne Duncan ran the Chicago schools for seven years, and in that time he didn’t manage to produce a single school that the Obamas chose to send their own children to.

7 thoughts on “Public education for thee but not for me”

  1. Rather a cheap shot. If you are a rising ‘aristo’ in the system you will want your childen to mix with the similar people.. Often such people will be of mutual benefit throughout life. And you can affort to pay for same.
    Why not give your children the best chance.

    Otherwise it is all inverted snobbery.

  2. Just as London failed to produce a bog-standard Comp suitable for the Blair bairns.

    My brother taught one of them incidentally but didn`t big wad Robinson buy them a flat in the right catchment area ? In that part of North London , Ruth Kelly discovered middleclass dyslexia in her spawn , Emily Thorn-in-my -flesh-bry , brilliantly un earthed a mediaeval by-law which all we her lot to go to Potters Bar Grammar . Diane Abbot’s brood went to Public school to avoid the double problem of a crap school and being black. Not exactly a unique problem in Haringey but there we are . Not sure about Jeremy Corbyn , but he went to Grammar school , is he gay ? Looks it .

    In many ways it’s the ones who do not send their kids to St. Posh I really hate . The Millibands are always banging on about going to a Comp. They are so privileged it makes little odds and given their back ground there was only one career for them anyway . You can find reviews of Ralph Millibands work by Toynbee`s and there’s another with a lovely ability to have it all ways , our Maria

    Shit sacks the lot of them.
    Happy New Year

  3. Why not give your children the best chance.

    Nobody has a problem with this. It is when politicians give their own children the best chance whilst advocating policies that would deny us plebs the same opportunity which we object to.

  4. In many ways it’s the ones who do not send their kids to St. Posh I really hate .

    Me too. To play politics with your own children’s future is vile. Yes Mr Cameron, I am looking at you.

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