Ritchie\’s new report

Yes, another one for the TUC.

It\’s a cracker as well. In the opening lines:

This paper does four things.
• It assesses the reforms the UK Government has proposed in that period to tackle
tax avoidance. It estimates that measures undertaken by the Government since Budget
2008 have saved the taxpayer £1bn.

Ooooh, goodie! We like it when the taxpayer saves money. So, what have they done? Reduced spending? Well, no not that. Have they become more productive? Well, no, not that either.

Actually, they\’ve raised more tax money.

Yes, seriously, in Ritchie world, collecting £1 billion more tax is the same as \”saved the taxpayer £1 billion\”. As opposed to the real world meaning of \”cost the taxpayer £1 billion\”.

Higher taxes are, you know, a cost to taxpayers?

1 thought on “Ritchie\’s new report”

  1. astounded by recent mad murph response on subject of tax avoidance on his blog re above report he authored for TUC –
    ”it will take little effort making assisting it illegal even if it is legal”

    can some one explain that – he wouldn’t – I’m still banned.

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