Ritchie\’s report cont.

He\’s not even capable of quoting himself accurately. The new report:

The TUC published its report on tax avoidance in the UK entitled The Missing Billions1 in
February 2008. That report suggested that the UK was losing at least £25bn a year as a result
of tax avoidance activity, £13bn of this resulting from the actions of individuals and £12bn
arising from tax avoidance activity by companies.

No, that\’s not what Ritchie\’s own report said. This is:

If the estimated loss is extrapolated
across all of these 700 companies then the total corporation tax expectation gap
might be some £11.8 billion. This is an increase from £9.2 billion, which was the
estimate made the last time a similar exercise to that undertaken here was completed,
relating to the period to 2004 30.
As a proportion this may be the highest gap of all. Much may be due to legitimate tax
planning, but by no means all is. Some, undoubtedly, is due to tax avoidance.

See what he\’s done there? In the first report he\’s got tax planning (otherwise known as exactly what Parliament intended and wanted companies to do: the R&D tax allowance as an example, the training relief etc.) and tax avoidance mixed in with each other.

In the second report he\’s dropped the \”legitimate tax planning\” and simply stated that all of it is due to tax avoidance.

Come on now, how are we supposed to take seriously someone who cannot even quote his own conclusions accurately?

2 thoughts on “Ritchie\’s report cont.”

  1. Tax planning is immoral. Avoidance and evasion are the same thing. Don’t you far right evil Libertarian scum know anything?

  2. I say Marksany – steady on !
    avoidance ( legal) and evasion (illegal) – but perhaps the rule of law is irrelevant to far left imbeciles.

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