That glorious European Arrest Warrant

Aren\’t we just so lucky to be protected by our own legal system?

The men were sentenced in their absence by the supreme court of Cyprus in 2008 to three years\’ jail each. They were initially acquitted by a Cypriot court in February 2007, but that verdict was overturned by the higher court in January last year after they returned to the UK.

So they have to do birdie in a foreign country after a trial that would not pass muster here.

Before the European Arrest Warrant, of course, we took the view that there were certain court procedures which diod not match up to our own and thus we would not extradite people who had been abused by such procedures.

Doesn\’t the European Union make our lives better in so many wonderful ways?

2 thoughts on “That glorious European Arrest Warrant”

  1. Tim: you missed the bit where you showed that the trial “would not pass muster here”; some might view that as quite an important part of your argument…

    Tim adds: Double jeopardy (not convicted in first trial, convicted on appeal) and trial in absentia?

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