That important editorial in 56 papers in 45 countries

Social justice demands

As has been pointed out (Popper?) you can destroy the meaning of a word simply by qualifying it with \”social\”.

Justice has a meaning: social justice is simply whatever my prejudices desire to happen.

Still, printing the same damn thing in lots of papers saves on journalist\’s costs, doesn\’t it? And every little bit helps in these straightened times.

6 thoughts on “That important editorial in 56 papers in 45 countries”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The obvious thing to say about this is that one guy in his pyjamas typing away away in his mother’s basement is bound to be wrong – but not as wrong as anything 56 editors can agree on.

    Convincing proof global warming is a myth.

  2. Hayek. Don’t remember where, but it’s the point of the second volume of “Law, Legislation and Liberty”, “The Mirage of Social Justice”.

  3. This occurrence of course convincingly refutes the idea that there is any global conspiracy geared to promoting AGW.

  4. the liberal media was all over this one, wasn’t? they couldn’t even get the new york times, the washington post or the globe and mail in on it.

    in total, one canadian newspaper picked it up and one english language american newspaper from miami picked it up.

    yup, gotta love that liberal media: two out of ten thousand papers.

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