The effect of legal prostitution

Prostitution is, as we all know, legal (at least at present). So what is the effect of this?

This is the escort girl at the centre of the assault allegations at the home of tycoon and Tory donor David Ross.

Sniezana Kobeniak is a 30-year-old Lithuanian whose English is so poor police had to use an interpreter to question her……Miss Kobeniak alleges she was cheated out of money by a man at the property who did not pay her for \’services rendered\’, and that a scuffle broke out in the early hours of last Friday.

A prostitute has the same protections of the law as anyone else does carrying on a legal activity. If she\’s assaulted then she can phone the police, if she\’s cheated she can phone the police……..

Quite why anyone thinks that making the activity illegal will protect those doing the work is difficult to understand.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Maybe we could follow Jewish law and make prostitution illegal but the contract enforceable?

    Still I have to thank the lovely Balt for making all of our Christmas’ just that much more enjoyable.

  2. “Sniezana Kobeniak is a 30-year-old Lithuanian whose English is so poor police had to use an interpreter to question her…”

    I was under the impression that English wasn’t reqquired in her line of work. French, however…

  3. Sniezana Kobeniak is a 30-year-old Lithuanian whose English is so poor police had to use an interpreter to question her…

    This doesn’t necessarily mean her English is bad, police questioning is something where mistakes are important and she probably wanted a translator even if she understood most of what was being asked. I can get by pretty well in Russian, but I always use a translator in business meetings to ensure I don’t make a costly mistake. Sensible girl, if you ask me. No doubt monoglot journalists saw an interpreter and assumed she couldn’t speak any English.

  4. What you’re missing Tim is that prohibitionists have this mad idea that when something is illegal, it will not take place anymore (and we all live happily bored ever after).

    To them, the law is some kind of magic wand that’ll make the bad monsters under the bed go away 😉

    But actually, they are just setting a higher price and creating a niche for a get-rich-quick opportunity for the mafia to expand into and develop into a monopoly.

    Merry Christmas.

  5. Actually I think the problem lies in the exact nature of the law. Here in SA, and I suspect the UK too, renting yourself out is perfectly legal. Advertising and or acting as an agent for others to do so is bad. This leads to escorts agency ads stating “this service is for companionship only and not an offer of prostitution”, the assumption being that any transaction involving naughties is deemed a non-financial one and entirely down to mutual horniness. This naturally presents would be fraudsters with the ideal let out.

    Of course if Miss Kobeniak’s employers also employ the services of large, bald, tattoed gentlemen with names like Carcrusher Cyril, extra-legal means of righting any wrong are an option.

  6. In the UK, prostitution is (or was when I did GCSE Law) in the category with gambling.

    Legal, but contracts are unenforcible, because they are against public policy.

    If you manage to get a credit account at the bookies, or use a credit card to pay, then you default, they cannot pursue you through the courts. They will however blacklist you and you will be unable to ever get a credit account or pay with a credit card at any bookies ever again, probably in the world.

    That’s if it is a legit bookies.

    Likewise, prostitutes have no legal redress if they aren’t paid as agreed. I assume that explains the reputed insistance on “put the money on the table”.

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