The Guardian\’s numbers

How many editorial staff?

Around 80 journalists will also be culled in the new year, after the company wrote to all 800 of its editorial staff offering them individually-tailored voluntary redundancy payouts.

800? Does that include the printers etc?

I\’ve no idea how many other papers have but that does seem rather a lot, doesn\’t it?

This is a nice snark though:

In August GMG reported that it had lost £89.8m, compared with a profit of £306.4m the previous year, though the 2008 profits were inflated by the one-off proceeds of selling 49.9pc of Trader Media Group, publisher of Auto Trader.


Despite the losses, Mr Rusbridger received an 11pc pay rise last year to £445,000.

What\’s that thing about no rewards for failure?

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