The rebuttal to the rebuttal

Eighteen new MEPs whose seats have been created by the Lisbon Treaty are to receive full pay, perks and an allowance worth an annual £300,000 each despite being unable to start work for up to four years.

The rebuttal to the outrage this will cause is already known.

But this has happened before, it\’s entirely normal! This is the way it works in the EU!

And the rebuttal to that is also already known. Yes, quite, we know this is the way the EU works you deliquescent little cocks. Why do you think we want to leave?

1 thought on “The rebuttal to the rebuttal”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    “deliquescent little cocks”

    A picturesque insult, but sadly incorrect; were they deliquescent, they would soon be washed away.

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