This liberal capitalism thing

People in industrialised nations are now 4in taller on average than in 1860.

Good, innit?

6 thoughts on “This liberal capitalism thing”

  1. Actually, in spite of our clothing industry not being socialised, it endlessly lags behind the gowth in stature.

  2. During the First World War, British Officers were,apparently, on average, 6 inches taller than their men.
    Anyhoo, hasn’t affected me. I’m still a shortarse.

  3. Some sources give average heights for Japanese and Americans as decreasing in last century.Also percentage homeownership is going down in UK,according to John Healey.
    Funny old game politics.

  4. “Luckily our clothing industry is not socialised otherwise this would be seen as a problem.”

    Our clothing industry produces goods which come ripped, and which are designed to fall down about your backside. Socialise it immediately.

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